AC Cobra

Replica | Convertible

AC Cobra

Replica | Convertible

1968 (Replica)


460 Big Block








Long before Carrol Shelby accepted the challenge of beating Ferrari at its own game on the track, and long before he wowed the world with his Shelby Cobra, it was the beautiful, unchallenged body style of the English AC Coupe that first powered the imagination of what an American sports car could be. Do not miss your chance to experience the same feeling that Mr. Shelby himself felt the first he got behind the wheel of an AC Cobra and let the wind flow over him with each turn and straightaway. 

Everything you recieve with the basic package:

Who is the track for?

Classic car enthusiasts, speed demons, adrenaline junkies, or even just a couple of friends looking for a fun night out. The track has something for everyone and doesn’t disappoint. 

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1968 AC Cobra (Replica)

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